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The Group Promotes Preparatory Work of Health Summit Actively

       In recent days, the group and Sinolink Securities drew up a cooperation agreement, finalizing preparatory details of international medical and pharmaceutical investment summit which is planned to be held in September this year in Lianyungang initially. It is learned that, through confirmation, medical big data and mobile medicine will become one of main topics in this summit, for the scale of this summit, it is determined as 200-400 persons to be participated temporarily, in addition to local well-known experts and pharmaceutical enterprises, partial major customers from home and abroad will be invited to participate in this activity.

       Pharmaceutical industry is always a pillar industry for Development Zone and Lianyungang, in order to enlarge influence of pharmaceutical industry further and promote rapid development of medical big data project, entrusted by the Management Committee of Development Zone, the group prepares various work for the holding of international medical and pharmaceutical investment summit actively. As a domestic well-known capital operation company, Sinolink Securities owns rich customer resources in the medical field, meanwhile, it has held several high-specification summit successfully.
      “See Jiangsu for China medicine, and see Lianyungang for Jiangsu Medicine”. Although Lianyungang is known as the pharmaceutical industry, it is the first time for it to undertake international medical summit with such scale. This summit not only provides self-publicity and technical communication platform for local pharmaceutical enterprises, but also attracts domestic and overseas pharmaceutical enterprises to focus on this harbor city again, which lays a good foundation for “Sound Development” of investment promotion. 
                                                                                                                                          (Yu Fei)